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Cynthia Ticas graduated from Texas Bible College in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Education. Since then, she has also acquired a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from Houston Graduate School Of Theology. Sis. Ticas is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education degree with an emphasis on social justice at The University of St. Thomas. 
Cynthia Ticas has been working with children for years, specializing her attention toward adolescents involved with self-harm. Once a former youth pastor and music minister, Cynthia, is now the church administrator and media coordinator at The Promise Church in Houston, Texas. 
She returned to Texas Bible College in 2018 as the Assistant Christian Education program chair. In 2019,  the Christian Counseling program launched and now Cynthia is the Program Chair for Christian Counseling.
She is excited for the future of TBC and for the future Apostolic Counselors that will be developed through the Christian Counseling program. 
A fun fact, Cynthia likes to say that everyday is a Friday! 

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