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Please have each instructor at your ExCeLL site complete this form. 

Instructor Commitment Form

Instructors are given the option of receiving Ministerial Life Experience credit for courses taught/attended without the cost of tuition. Although Instructors don’t carry the obligation a student is required to fulfill, it is felt that their hours spent in preparation, teaching, and grading assignments is an ample amount of study in order to receive credit. If the Instructor is teaching all courses, he/she will receive an A average on their transcript for each course. If they are only teaching one course of study, they must enroll as a student in the other classes. They will still receive free MLE credit for all courses, but they must complete assignments, attend classes, be graded as a student, and fulfill all other student obligations.

Do you plan to apply for Ministerial Life Experience credit as an ExCeLL instructor?
Thanks for submitting!
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