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Associates/Bachelors of Theology

Theology is the study of the one true God, the discipline that seeks from the Holy Scriptures knowledge of God’s being and all God’s works. Founded on biblical truth, theology brings into harmony with God’s word other disciplines like philosophy, history, and science. Its primary goal is the development and advancement of understanding through Biblically sound doctrine. Theology produces understanding and spiritual maturity, resulting in a strong foundation for all ministries.

Certificate in Christian Counseling

The Certificate in Christian Counseling gives an opportunity for pastors and individuals in ministry who desire to have additional training in Christian Counseling but due to busy schedules are not able to attend classes in person. This certificate program includes six classes, which are divided in two semesters and will be taught completely online. The Certificate in Christian Counseling will integrate the most current trends in Christian counseling with the study of Christian faith and practice, thereby enabling students to integrate the principles of biblically based spirituality with counseling practice for leadership within the church.

to Degree

If you have attended Bible college in the past and received a three-year diploma but would like to complete your last year to obtain your four-year degree, you are an ideal candidate for the Diploma to Degree program. 

If you are a high school students seeking to begin taking Bible college classes, our Concurrent study program would be ideal for you. 


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